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Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

Financially supports the employment and on-the-job training of graduates of accredited universities, colleges and institutes who satisfy the job requirements but need training for the initial stages of the job. HRDF also supports the employment and training of untrained individuals who do not satisfy the job requirements which they have been nominated for.

The general objective of the Fund is to support the efforts to prepare a national workforce and help them employed in the private sector. In order to realize the general objective, it will do the following:

Offer grants to those involved in the preparation, training, and employment of a National workforce, especially in the private sector.
Share the expenses of preparing, training, and employing the national workforce in the private sector.
Pay a percentage of the salary of any trainee who is hired by a private firm after he finishes his training. The same will be done for new recruits of the firm.
Offer financial assistance to programs in the field, projects, plans, and studies that are aimed to employ Saudis and help them take the place of the expatriate workforce.
Provide loans to private establishments that prepare and train the national workforce.
Embark on studies and research that are related to activities in the field of preparing, training and employing the national workforce.
For more information, visit HRDF web site:


We know you want to employ the right people to work for you. We’ve created a strategic training function to assist our contractor companies to find Saudi individuals with the skills and qualifications that will enable them to perform their duties to the highest standards.

To achieve this, the strategic training function:

Identifies the contractor manpower requirements by job title for the upcoming five years.
Surveys the local training providers’ capabilities to determine if the quantity and quality of their graduates will satisfy the requirements of contractor companies’ during the upcoming five years.
Quantifies the job seekers that meet the required standards of quality in the local job market.
Identifies and implements the needed actions to minimize the gaps (if any) between the needed jobs by the contractor companies and the supply of skilled graduates by the training providers.
Saudi Aramco Partnership and Contractor Training

Our contractor training division partners with contractor companies to increase Saudization of their work force through training.

To do this, it partners with the business line engaged with the contractor company, and with other external stakeholders, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Saudi Government Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

The training division also offers other HR services to help enhance the Saudization process, including facilitating the process of the compensation paid by the HRDF, providing recruitment help and benchmarking.

National System for Joint Training (NSJT)

NSJT is designed for joint training in specific occupations, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market, with the private sector participating in the training process. This joint effort achieves greater alignment with the actual needs of the labor market. As a national project, the Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), the Ministry of Labor, the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and the Council of Saudi Chambers share its implementation.

The main objectives of the NSJT are:

To provide training for certain professions/trades according to the needs of the labor market.To enable the private sector to participate in the training process.
Achieve maximum concordance with the actual needs of the labor market.
Reduce the cost of training by using the facilities of the labor market.
To increase the capacity of vocational and technical training programs.
For more information you can visit NSJT web site:

Technical Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC)

TVTC is a government entity that to provides technical and vocational training, such as vocational training for youth, preparatory training, vocational preparation and on-the-job training.

For more information, please visit:

The TVTC website for male training
The TVTC website for female training
For additional help and support, you can contact Contractor's Saudization at:

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