In support of the corporate value of citizenship, and in line with the strategic direction and imperatives, Saudi Aramco is actively encouraging the Saudization of its contractors’ manpower.

Prior to 2005, each of our business lines pursued independent contractor Saudization initiatives. To integrate and further enhance our contractors’ Saudization process throughout the company, we established the Corporate Contractors Saudization function in January 2005.

The objective of Corporate Contractors Saudization is to establish a single entity within the company responsible for the coordination of all efforts to increase the Saudi component of our contractors’ work force. 

Guide for contractor companies

Information contained in this Guide provides a framework for human resources administration within the contractor company and is offered primarily as a guide. Concerned contractors may tailor it to suit their own operations. The guidelines enable the contractor company’s management and employees to fulfill their duties and responsibilities effectively by providing guidance for decision making.

This guide includes the following sections:

  • Saudization Planning
  • Sample Human Resources Guidelines — to assist contractor companies in attracting, employing, developing, and retaining qualified Saudi employees.
  • Saudization Support Resources — partial listing of support services provided by government and private organizations to help defray and contain costs.

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