Community Services O&M

Community Services is responsible to develop and manage high-quality community and office services in a reliable, innovative and cost-effective manner to provide a desirable environment in which to work and live.

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1. Building Trades

  • Work control services
  • Building maintenance work services
  • Preventive maintenance work
  • Corrective maintenance work
  • Building management system operation work

2. Sand Removal

Sand removal work mainly consists of sand removal for all Saudi Aramco community and facility roads. Contractor shall provide all supervision, manpower, tools, and equipment necessary for the successful completion of the work. Such equipment shall include, but not limited to, dozers, front end loaders, dump trucks and bob-cat equipment.

3. Utilities Services

  • Operation and maintenance of water, sewer, underground/aboveground utilities and ac plants
  • Operation and maintenance of HVAC equipment and residential housing units
  • Test, calibrate and disassemble relief valves
  • Emergency diesel generators services
  • Elevator maintenance services
  • Maintain existing workshop and equipment

4. Catering Services

  • Food and snack bar services
  • Coffee services

5. General Services

General Services include Janitorial & Housekeeping, Recreation Operations Services, Office Services, and Gardening.

6. Sanitation, Landfill, & Pest Control Services

Provide Sanitation Services including street sweeping, refuse/garbage collections, logger bucket, and wild animal control. Operate Sanitary Landfills. Provide horticultural and turf Pest Control Services.

7. Concrete Repair & Civil Maintenance

Concrete Repair & Civil Maintenance work includes carpentry, plumbing, masonry, concrete repair, electrical, and air conditioning, excavation, backfilling, asphalting, cable laying, pipe cleaning, pipe coating, surface preparation, painting, roofing, fencing, fabrication, paving, removal of materials, and other civil maintenance work.