Our partnership process

If you’re a new business partner, we’ll help your operations get underway as efficiently as possible.

In our experience, following the below three-stage process now makes our business together more successful in the future.

Initial stage

Once you’ve made a request to us, we will assess our consumption for a specific commodity/service. We’ll be available to assist you in developing a preliminary commercial assessment of your project opportunity related to your product or service.

Intermediate stage

After preliminary study is complete, you will be asked to perform a detailed feasibility study, focusing on the intended commodity/service range and the associated financial, operational and construction elements of the project.

Based on the results of this study, you’ll need to create a project execution/planning team to develop your new venture.

Afterwards, you should apply for an Investment License at SAGIA’s in-Kingdom (IK) offices, or submit an online application via SAGIA’s website.

Then you’ll need to apply for a Reference number and a Commercial Registration, both to be completed at one of SAGIA’s offices in KSA.

If applicable, you’ll also need to submit an industrial land allocation application to the respective Royal Commission or Industrial City authority in KSA.

You should also apply to the gas regulator within the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to allocate your sales gas and/or ethane, as your project requires.

Once your land allocation and/or gas allocation is secured, you can submit a loan application to any government organization (SIDF, GOSI, etc.) from which you’ll be seeking project financing.

Final stage

With the above done, you’ll need to develop a robust execution plan and your project execution must begin with plant design and construction.

You must apply for a Commercial Registration number through the appropriate office of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry when the plant is about to begin operations or your service offering is available.

When your plant begins production or your service offering is available, you must submit all required documentation to Saudi Aramco for approval.

Once you have been approved, we’ll be ready to begin the procurement process, if prices are competitive and delivery terms are acceptable.

More information

Several external resources on investing in Saudi Arabia provide more information: