Benefits of partnering with us

By leveraging the immense promise of the Kingdom’s resources, we enable a thriving commercial ecosystem that benefits our business and the country.

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is a blueprint for attaining greater levels of sustained economic growth and diversification, and for creating new opportunities for its citizens.

Our strategic objectives are consistent with many aspects of Vision 2030, and our support for the Vision, built upon collaboration, will enable the achievement of shared goals — and in ways that produce more impactful results. 

How we can benefit you

As one of the world’s largest fully integrated oil and natural gas companies, we offer many exciting opportunities for businesses in and outside the petroleum industry.

We are Saudi Arabia's national oil company and the world’s largest producer of crude oil and condensate, with operations in exploration and production, refining and marketing, and petrochemical manufacturing.

We have a large customer base, an extensive supplier network and a long history of successful business relationships with major international and national energy companies.

We bring to the table detailed knowledge of the energy industry, exceptional expertise in project development and management, and world-class technical expertise in engineering and industrial services – among other industries.

There are many competitive advantages to partnering with us on projects in Saudi Arabia:

  • Access to a secure and stable crude oil feedstock supply, backed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's abundant hydrocarbon resources.
  • A strategic geographic location ideally suited to supply growing markets in the East and the West.
  • Access to well established industrial infrastructure, including the potential for synergies with existing petrochemical and refining facilities.
  • Competitive and stable domestic energy costs for electricity and industrial fuel.
  • Growing local market demand for a wide range of intermediate products.
  • A supportive investment environment for new hydrocarbon facilities that will minimize expensive and time-consuming regulatory obstacles.
  • Availability of a large pool of capital in Saudi Arabia to provide competitive financing.
  • Sponsor strength: As a prospective Saudi Aramco partner, you stand to benefit from our upstream resources, our experience as a refiner and petrochemical producer, our world-class project management skills and our impeccable reputation as a partner in many mutually beneficial joint ventures.

We seek your proposals for new businesses that leverage the Kingdom's hydrocarbon assets and maximize our competitive advantages to support the Kingdom's growing and diversifying energy, goods and services sectors.

Contact us today with your ideas and proposals.

Disclaimer: This website is neither an offer nor a tender for offer of any specific business opportunity or partnership. All individuals and entities considering business activities with Saudi Aramco should carefully and independently consider the details of the activity and conduct independent due diligence. This document is provided for informational proposes only and should not be treated as providing any guarantees or warranties.