Doing business with us

A world of opportunity

To maintain optimal production levels and support our robust capital program, we procure and manage a full range of material commodities and services, and strive to deliver world-class procurement and supply chain excellence.

An organization with a global presence, we pursue business relationships based on cooperation, trust, reliability and communication. Materials and services are procured through manufacturers, suppliers and contractors that meet high quality standards, exceptional levels of service, competitive pricing, solid delivery performance, effective after-sales support, and efficient supply chain management programs.

We value transparency and long-term cooperation and are ready to collaborate with manufacturers, contractors and suppliers to address challenging safety and environmental issues.

We also promote long-term efforts to stimulate and support the development of Saudi Arabia’s local economy.

Authenticity of documentation

All suppliers (international and in-Kingdom) must attest to the accuracy and completeness of all the documentation they submit to us, to ensure it is correct, up-to-date, and accurate.

Noncompliance will delay the registration process, and submittal of fraudulent or forged information will be grounds for indefinite suspension.

Safety culture

We have a long and proud heritage of promoting safety as a value and way of life.

We encourage our suppliers, contractors and manufacturers to join in embracing our conviction that “all incidents are preventable,” and encourage all supplier and contractor employees to establish safety as a personal priority at work, on the highway or at home.

We all must work together to create and maintain a safety-oriented culture with zero tolerance for unsafe actions or behaviors.

Download a copy of the Saudi Aramco Suppliers Safety Management System manual (PDF, 314KB).


Saudi Aramco encourages employment of Saudi nationals in the private sector. Companies having local facilities and creating job opportunities for Saudi nationals will enjoy numerous incentives and benefits including a 10% premium. In addition, job localization will ensure locals learn new skills and promote a stronger economy.