Optimizing performance

In 2017, we readied our Midyan nonassociated gas field in northwestern Saudi Arabia. The facilities in the field are designed to produce 75 million scfd of natural gas and 4.5 thousand bpd of condensate. This gas will be used to displace liquid fuels for power generation.

We completed wells toward the development of the Hasbah-Khursaniyah increment designed to feed the Fadhili Gas Plant, which is designed to process 2.5 billion scfd of raw gas. The gas from the Khursaniyah field is planned to feed the specially designed cogeneration plant that can handle low Btu gas.

We made significant commitments to improve production from existing gas fields and expand gas processing capacity, including:

  • Expansion of the gas processing capacity of our Hawiyah Gas Plant by 1.1 billion scfd. The new gas processing facilities, expected to be on stream in 2021, are anticipated to raise total production capacity of the plant to approximately 3.6 billion scfd, making it one of the largest gas processing facilities in the world.
  • Commencement of engineering, procurement, and construction of a natural gas liquids (NGL) deep recovery train at our ‘Uthmaniyah Gas Plant to recover ethane and other NGLs from the natural gas produced from the ‘Uthmaniyah plant and from the Hawiyah Gas Plant expansion.

Our unconventional gas exploration program targets Northern Arabia, the South Ghawar area, and the Jafurah Basin east of Ghawar. Last year, we achieved the following in these three areas:

  • In northern Arabia, we achieved raw gas production while reducing drilling costs through optimized well design and drilling practices, and made available 55 million scfd of natural gas to the Wa’ad al-Shamal Industrial Complex.
  • In South Ghawar, we completed wells that showed high gas and condensate flows while also reducing drilling costs through well design optimization and the application of fit-for-purpose technologies.
  • In the Jafurah Basin, we completed a number of wells and reduced drilling costs through improved well design and execution.