Adhesives and sealants

The incorporation of Converge® polyols into polyurethane adhesive and sealant formulations has been shown to improve adhesive and sealant green strength, substrate adhesion, and tensile strength when used to bond a wide range of substrates.

Flexible packaging adhesives

Converge polyols have a very low polydispersity and do not contain stabilizers or antioxidants, making them excellent candidates for food contact applications. When combined with their excellent adhesion to many substrates, this combination of properties further enhances the value of Converge polyols for flexible packaging applications.

Reactive hot melts

The amorphous nature and high viscosity of Converge polyols and their ability to be formulated with existing crystalline polyols enables reactive hot melt adhesives with enhanced green strength, greater adhesive and cohesive strength, and improved hydrolysis resistance.

Structural adhesives

The inherently high mechanical strength of Converge polyols, when used in combination with more elastic polyols, makes it possible to expand the performance envelope of structural adhesives.


Converge polyols can be used in all types of sealant formulations to increase tensile strength and extend the lifetime of the sealant through improved resistance to environmental conditions.

Uses include sealants in transportation, industrial, construction, and commercial applications.

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