Commitment to safety

Our success as a business rests on our attention to safety and the development of our people. To enable increasingly efficient operations, we support endeavors to enhance the domestic energy sector and diversify the economy.

The lost-time injury (LTI) rate for Saudi Aramco employees at year-end was 0.02 per 200,000 work hours, a significant improvement compared to the 2016 LTI rate of 0.05. There were no on-the-job fatalities for Saudi Aramco employees. Our ongoing efforts to embed safety awareness through on-the-job training was key to our improved performance.

Understanding that off-the-job traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia are a critical safety concern, we proactively manage driver performance through monitoring devices. By the end of 2017, 79% of the company’s in-Kingdom fleet had the monitors installed. Overall, our Traffic Safety Signature Program has contributed to a 30% reduction in motor vehicle accidents for Saudi Aramco employees.

Our efforts to improve driver safety were recognized by the American Society of Safety Engineers, which gave its 2017 Safety Innovation Award to our driver safety system. The system measures patterns in biometric signals and incorporates safety engineering principles and behavior change to help reduce traffic accidents.

The Operational Excellence (OE) initiative provides a framework for managers and describes how they can implement the system to fulfill their safety and loss prevention obligations. In 2017, we achieved a lost-time incident rate of 0.023 – a new company record for safety performance.

Caring for contractors

The safety, health, and well-being of our contractor workforce is of paramount concern to us. To help ensure standards and practices are met, in 2017 we conducted more than 2,400 audits and inspections of contractor communities. Our Loss Prevention organization communicated their findings to proponent organizations to implement improvements.

We supported the Qyadati driver safety program, an online multi‐language driver awareness program. Now mandatory for all supplemental manpower and project management contractors, 19,000 driving certificates were issued in 2017.

More than 3,000 contractor employees in our Southern Area Oil Operations organization benefited from an innovative safety campaign. The “Our Safety is You” campaign featured a number of educational platforms specially designed to encourage participation and promote the awareness of common safety concerns — on- and off-the-job.