Accelerating skills development

To become the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals producer, we need people with best-in-class capabilities.

Accordingly, we deliver continuous development and skill building opportunities to our workforce. Tailored to meet the growing responsibilities of our evolving business, we offer a wealth of online and classroom courses, specialized training centers, internships, and mentorship programs.

Our suite of development programs range from equipping entry-level employees with the right skills to sponsoring employees for advanced degrees at international universities.

Embedding a performance culture

Our Operational Excellence (OE) initiative provides a framework for managers and describes how they can implement the system to fulfill their safety and loss prevention obligations. It drives our efforts to cost effectively achieve leading performance in safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Working to integrate our day-to-day work into the OE structure, a dedicated OE organization provides consultation, training, and certifying of OE implementers and assessors. In 2017, we conducted 51 OE integrated assessments, yielding significant opportunities for improved performance. We remained on track to assess all Saudi Aramco departments by the end of 2019.

Accelerating skills development

Our future success is dependent upon the progressive development of our upstream professionals, especially as our workforce trends younger: Nearly 60% of Saudi Aramco’s workforce is at 35 or younger. Our Upstream Professional Development Center (UPDC) is designed to provide accelerated skills building and knowledge transfer to young men and women entering the exploration and petroleum engineering fields.

UPDC offers immersive and interactive learning environments, including cutting-edge drilling simulators and a 4-D facility that enables the visualization of the subsurface and the modeling of production strategies. In 2017, 5,700 participants attended more than 350 training sessions.

Our Hosted University Program expands advanced degree opportunities for our employees. This cost-effective approach brings the knowledge and expertise of leading global universities and institutions to the Kingdom to deliver customized, business centered academic degrees. In 2017, we initiated a specialized and accelerated master’s degree program in geophysics from the University of Leeds in the U.K. Since the program’s inception in 2009, more than 10 international universities have participated and more than 400 employees have earned degrees.

Developing leaders

The achievement of our strategic vision requires new skills at every level. Nowhere is this more relevant than among our leadership.

In 2017, we delivered a suite of professional training programs designed to build capabilities to support our strategic vision and our entry into new industry sectors to more than 22,000 participants from various levels of professional employees and management.

We also commenced our Emerging Women in Leadership Program to identify women with outstanding leadership and professional career potential. Selected employees attended the Advanced Women in Leadership Program conducted by Wharton University of the Pennsylvania Institute of Executive Management.

Preparing the next generation

In addition to supporting our incumbent workforce, we prepare new generations to be “job ready.” Our Industrial Sponsorship Program prepares Saudi high school graduates and vocational college students for jobs in administration, operations, security, fabrication, and maintenance. In 2017, more than 3,200 apprentices graduated from the program and joined the workforce.

To ensure we maintain a steady stream of entry-level Saudi professionals, we offer the College Degree Program for Non-Employees (CDPNE), a highly selective scholarship program for male and female Saudi high school graduates. Participants who successfully complete the 10-month College Preparatory Program in Dhahran are sponsored to study for a bachelor’s degree at KFUPM or at an international university in a discipline aligned with our strategic needs. In 2017, 308 CDPNE graduates joined the workforce.

Overall, nearly 2,500 company sponsored students were enrolled at colleges and universities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia in 2017. These program graduates, and employees returning from internships with global companies, bring with them new ideas and a broader understanding of international business, benefiting our company and the Kingdom.