Automotive Technologies

The company developed new fuel and engine combinations that reduce emissions and improve efficiency.

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Beijing Research Center

The research center conducts research on chemical enhanced oil recovery and advanced seismic imaging technologies.

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Boston Research Center

The research center supports both the upstream and downstream businesses.

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Cambridge Research Center

The research center is pursuing major advances in upstream and downstream energy research.

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Converge Polyols

Converge®, a polyol technology, enables the company to transform emissions into value. The technology combines waste CO2 with hydrocarbon feedstocks to create high performance polyols for use in a variety of everyday applications.

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Detroit Research Center

The research center focuses on competitive transportation solutions.

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Dhahran R&D Center

The research and development center focuses on the upstream, downstream, and sustainability domains.

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Saudi Aramco’s upstream technological development is spearheaded by scientists at EXPEC’s Advanced Research Center.

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Houston Research Center

The research center focuses on upstream technologies for conventional and unconventional resources.

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KAUST Research Center

The company’s research center in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

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Saudi Aramco Inspection Robot (SAIR)

A wireless robotic technology capable of conducting inspections on hard-to-reach steel surfaces.

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Sealants that can repair broken oil well cement downhole

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Shallow Water Inspection and Monitoring Robot (SWIM-R)

A robotic system designed to perform underwater inspection tasks and to combat operational challenges.

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TeraPOWERS makes it possible to model the physics of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

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