Fishermen Initiative

Saudi Aramco helped boost the ability of 50 fishermen to support their families.

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I Want to Hear Campaign

I Want to Hear campaign is for hearing-impaired Saudi children.

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King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is the first institution of its kind in the Kingdom, bringing together multiple educational and cultural offerings under one roof. The Center stimulates curiosity, provides opportunities, and challenges minds through traditional and unconventional resources in arts and science.

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Braille Printers

Saudi Aramco established a maintenance center for Braille printers in Madinah.

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Nurseries for Growing Olive Tree Seedlings

Saudi Aramco established nurseries for growing olive tree seedlings at al-Jawf.

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Craft and Souvenirs

The company partnered with Um Al-Qura Females Charitable Organization to generate income opportunities for the local workforce.

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FABLAB-Dhahran is a digital fabrication center on the campus of KFUPM that provides hands-on experience in using 3D printing, programming, and robotics.

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