Inspiring tomorrow

As a global business, we are interconnected with the people in the societies where we operate. We believe in the power of energy to transform lives, lift communities, advance human progress, and sustain our planet. We work hard to garner the trust and support we enjoy in communities in the Kingdom and around the world.

Since our earliest days, we have engaged local communities to generate economic benefits, create jobs, enhance skills and knowledge and care for the natural environment. We continue to enlarge the reach and impact of our citizenship efforts — inspiring, nurturing, and leading by example — to help ensure the future growth and prosperity of our nation.

In turn, our operations generate commercial opportunities for local businesses and employment prospects for citizens. Beyond the practicalities of simply doing business, we conduct volunteer and outreach activities that foster healthy societies and enhance the lives of people. 

By acting from a foundation of shared value with citizens — whether in the realms of economic opportunities, knowledge and skills building, cultural enrichment or community engagement — we seek opportunities where our commercial interests coincide with our citizenship goals, ensuring that our business activities benefit our company and the communities where we operate.

Connecting energy, people, and ideas

We base our citizenship role on the economy, knowledge, and the environment — broad areas where we believe we can make a positive impact on Saudi society.

Education is a vital component of the Kingdom’s transition to a knowledge-based economy. We concentrate our efforts on helping develop the next generation of innovators by focusing on the development of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills in the nation’s youth. In addition, we seek to widen intellectual curiosity and cross-cultural awareness, which are also important foundation stones for building an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

Our community outreach programs seek to motivate people to become more active and engaged members of their communities. We strive to raise awareness of impactful issues, inspiring citizens to make positive contributions to advance the Kingdom’s progress, whether by leading a healthy lifestyle, conserving energy and water or helping the less fortunate.