Vocational College Graduates

Program Overview

This program helps participants obtain the required skills to fulfill operational, maintenance, administrative and clerical jobs.

The Vocational College Graduates Program is designed for: Technical, industrial, telecommunication, community college and institutes of public administration graduates.


Benefits while studying as an apprentice
• monthly stipend
• housing, as per Saudi Aramco’s housing policy.
• free transportation on Saudi Aramco buses
  • free medical care, as per the company’s policy
  • access to recreational facilities
  • use of the company’s aviation services inside the Kingdom
  • discounted tickets on Saudi Arabian Airlines domestic flights
  • annual Ramadan vacation, plus public and ITC holidays as per the annual training calendar
  •  remedial classes to provide extra support when needed.
Job benefits as a Saudi Aramco employee
• monthly salaries* plus one Ramadan salary
• annual housing allowance
• possibility of annual corporate bonus
  • 30 days annual leave balance plus public holidays, as scheduled in the company’s operational calendar
  • medical coverage for you, your wife, children, and your parents
  • option to participate in the company’s savings plan (Thrift Plan)
  • option to participate in the company’s Home Ownership Program
  • access to recreational facilities
  • use of the company’s aviation services inside the Kingdom
  • use of the company’s bus transportation services
  • privilege to acquire corporate discounts with various product and service providers in the Kingdom and around the world, such as major hotels, international airlines and car rental companies

*Salary and grade code is determined after completion of the apprenticeship program.


Requirements for VCGNE
• Candidates who graduated from the below required schools and majors.
• Have a minimum GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00 or 3.00 out of 5.00.
• Not exceed the age of 28 Hijra years.
• Apply within 3 years of their diploma graduation date.

Have you applied to the program before?

Applicants who previously applied for the VCGNE program and were not selected, will be able to apply for this year’s VCGNE program. Applicants must take this year’s placement test and must meet all current eligibility requirements. Applicants will only be allowed one retest. Therefore, applicants who were previously retested will not be eligible to apply for this year’s program.

  • To view the VCGNE program majors & College Category, click here.  
  • To view Sample test items for both the English and math screening tests, click here.


How to apply

Registration is closed.
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Applications are only accepted if the following documents are attached:

  • A clear copy of the National ID.
  • A clear and authenticated copy of college graduation certificate
  • A clear and authenticated copy of college transcript  

How To Apply?

To apply, you need to do the following:

  • Complete the registration form through our employment system from here.
  • If you are previously registered with our employment system, click here to apply.
  • To update your profile (After registration), please click here.

What happens after I apply?

You will be scheduled for verification if you meet the program’s requirements.
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You will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.

  • Once your data is verified and found to meet the criteria of the program, you will be scheduled for a placement test witch will take place during the period between June 30 – July 10, 2018.
  • If you miss the test, you will be disqualified from the program. Rescheduling is not allowed.
  • Based on the placement test results, you will be contacted to complete your hiring formalities.
  • The program starts on October 21, 2018.