Teach at our schools

Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools enjoy an excellent worldwide reputation based on its respectful, talented, and motivated students, highly supportive parents, outstanding educators, abundant educational resources and exceptional facilities.

We continue in our quest to recruit educators that are fully committed to making a positive and significant difference in the lives of our students.

In alignment with our mission “to provide each student with an excellent education in support of attracting and retaining an international workforce,” we recognize that employing highly qualified, positive, inspiring, creative, enthusiastic, flexible, passionate, hardworking and deeply dedicated educators is absolutely essential.

As a result of providing opportunities and experiences that are personally and professionally rewarding, Saudi Aramco educators discover high levels of fulfillment and reward. SAES currently enrolls approximately 3,800 students. Our professional faculty numbers more than 380.

Selection Criteria

Minimum teaching requirements for SAES include:

  • A Bachelors or Masters degree from a recognized college or university
  • A valid North American certification
  • Six years minimum teaching experience

Saudi Aramco Schools seeks professionals who are:

  • Enthusiastic and provide creative approaches to teaching
  • Life-long Learners
  • Practitioners of Differentiated Instruction
  • Curriculum Designers versed in the Understanding By Design model and the Rubicon ATLAS Curriculum System
  • Promoters of ESL in the Mainstream
  • Committed to sponsoring extracurricular and after school activities
  • Respectful of the laws and customs of Saudi Arabia

Job Fairs

Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools posts its vacancies on various websites which include: International Schools Services (ISS); Search Associates; TIE (The International Educator); and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI).