The school nurse will provide routine vision and hearing screening annually for students in grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, as well as all students new to Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools.

Screening for scoliosis (lateral curve of the spine) is provided for students beginning in 5th grade. Testing can be done at other times on referral by the parent or staff member when there are concerns about vision, hearing, or spinal curves.

Parents are asked to document consent for all screening activities at the time of enrollment.

Student Health Concerns

Parents will complete a Student Health History at the time of enrollment and provide the school with updates on an annual basis or whenever there is a significant change in the health status of the child. The school nurse will review the history and work with parents and health care providers to develop emergency care plans and/or provide staff training as appropriate.

In situations where emergency or rescue medications are needed at school, the nurse will ensure that necessary medical information and documentation is available.

Please contact the school nurse if you would like to discuss your child's health needs at school.

Communicable Disease Monitoring

The school nurse is available for consultation with parents and staff regarding issues of communicable disease in the school and can provide written information on specific illnesses as needs arise.