Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools provide an American curriculum for Grades K4-9 for expatriate employees of Saudi Aramco.

English is the language of instruction. Enrollment is on an age-appropriate basis. That is, children must be four years old by August 31 to attend K4 program. For all other grades, children must have turned the appropriate age by August 31 of that school year. Children who have completed grade 9, or have reached age 15 by August 31, are not eligible to attend Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools.

Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools does not provide special programs for dependents with behavior problems, learning problems, physical or neurological handicaps when these problems or handicaps are of such nature to ordinarily warrant special educational placement.

Saudi Aramco requires each family to complete the Dependent’s School Information Form (SA 157) for each child during the initial stage of the employment process.

Immunization Compliance Monitoring

The school sets the minimum required immunizations for attendance. The school nurse will review your child's records for compliance with the policy as well as make recommendations regarding additional vaccines when appropriate.

Candidate must provide written proof (in English) that the dependents meet immunization criteria. Please include copies of current immunization records (Acceptable records are: immunization certificates, immunization (shot) cards, hospital records, and certification by a physician on prescription forms or letterhead) or a medical exemption letter from a physician stating which vaccine(s) the student is exempt from and any information the school should have regarding the health concern. Please note that medical exemptions must be renewed each school year unless the physician has stated a lifelong exemption.