From being a top producer of the world’s crude oil supply to developing breakthrough energy technologies, we are driven by our core belief that energy is opportunity.

As the global population grows, economies expand, and standards of living increase, energy will continue to be an essential enabler of opportunity. We are executing a wide-ranging strategy to ensure that we are at the forefront of providing the needed energy — today and tomorrow.

Our planning, decision making, and projects are guided by, and seek to fulfill, our strategic business objectives:

  • Reinforce our preeminent position as the world’s leading crude oil producer by production volume
  • Capture value from strategic integration
  • Expand natural gas activities

We have identified four strategic enablers to help us meet these objectives: Maintain capital discipline and financial prudence, manage risk, lead in technology development and innovation, be an employer of choice, and promote sustainability, citizenship, and a robust domestic energy sector.

Reinforce our position in oil and gas exploration and production

Our reliability in delivering customers our products enables us to play a leading role in stabilizing world petroleum markets and in ensuring that economies around the world have the energy supplies they need to prosper.

We intend to achieve excellence in every aspect of our upstream operations. This means innovating and applying leading‐edge technologies in exploration and reservoir management to discover new fields and increase recovery in producing fields.

Sustainable and stable supply

Our capital investment programs in oil and gas production indicate our commitment to enable sustainable economic growth in the Kingdom, support market stability, and meet the local and global call on our products.

Integrate our business across the hydrocarbon value chain to create impact

Our greatest opportunities for growth and diversification will come from the steps we are taking to capture and create value from every hydrocarbon molecule we produce. This will open up opportunities for organic growth and strategic partnerships with leading global firms at home and abroad, create more business for service and materials suppliers in local supply chains, and generate new jobs.

The expansion of our downstream activities will increase our global presence, creating greater sustainable competitive advantage.

Creating additional value

Even as other petroleum companies are scaling back, we are building additional refining capacity. We are also growing our global chemicals business and our trading and marketing businesses.

President and CEO, Amin H. Nasser:

The National Transformation Program, designed to build the institutional capacity and capabilities needed to achieve the ambitious goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, reaffirms Saudi Aramco’s role as an important driver of the Kingdom’s growth and enables the expansion of our commercial ecosystem.

Enable the sustainable development of the Kingdom

Though Saudi Aramco is the main driver of the Saudi economy, we leverage our skills and capabilities to expand the opportunities we enable. We take on infrastructure and public works projects. We seek out possibilities at the intersection of our business activities and the Kingdom’s needs.

Whether by enabling private sector job creation and training, acting as a catalyst for the localization of the Kingdom’s energy services sector, or championing energy efficiency, we put the energy of our people, our unique expertise, and our resources to work to create new opportunities for the people of Saudi Arabia.


Fueling the economy

We examine our company's activities for potential scale, reach, and impact and then leverage those to create opportunities beyond our business objectives and into the Saudi economy.

Lead in technology development and innovation

People’s lives can be changed for the better by breakthroughs in research domains. We are working to make reality of ideas like providing more reliable access to affordable energy, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, realizing more fuel-efficient vehicles, creating next-generation materials that make lighter and stronger consumer products and conserving water resources.

Such technology targets would overstretch even the best research lab. This is why we have adopted an open network innovation model that integrates talent, capabilities, and ideas from around the world.

Through research alliances and our global research centers we create strategic hubs able to grow both in scale and scope.

Generate and nurture ideas with potential

When it comes to innovation, we know a good idea can come from anywhere. We collaborate and partner to transform ideas into sustainable solutions to provide long-term value for the greatest number of stakeholders.

Strengthen our position as an employer of choice

Our ethos of providing the greatest number of opportunities for the greatest number of people ensures that our employees are engaged in meaningful projects with the potential for impact on a global scale.

Our ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent is critical to achieving our aspirations. We foster a culture that empowers individuals, encourages collaboration, manages risks, drives accountability, and rewards high performance. This appeals to professionals who are looking for a place where they can work as high-functioning teams and individuals.

Young professionals are particularly drawn to our culture of internal mobility and continuous development, which has increased the young talent in our workforce. Today, almost half of our employees are 35 or younger.

Find out more about the just one of our initiatives to engage and inspire the younger generations here at Saudi Aramco - the YLAB program.  

Enabling the workforce of the future

World‐class ambitions require world‐class talent. We attract people who seek the opportunity to do the best work of their lives.