GigaPOWERS unveiled

In January, we unveil our unrivaled giga-cell reservoir simulation technology, GigaPOWERS. This is the second generation of our reservoir simulator, POWERS (Parallel Oil, Water and Gas Enhanced Reservoir Simulator), which models fluid movement in reservoirs to optimize production.

First field test of Resbots™

In June, engineers from our EXPEC Advanced Research Center demonstrate for the first time that specialized nano-agents can be injected and produced under live field conditions in an observation well. Developers envision that Resbots will be able to measure, report and interact with the reservoir environment to monitor and alter reservoir properties to maximize oil recovery.

New solar-powered building in Dhahran

We invest in building a 10-megawatt grid-connected solar power farm installation adjoining our new North Park office building in Dhahran — the world's largest project of its kind. North Park will be completely powered by energy from the solar panels.

Technician/engineer(s) in the "cave" of the 3-D simulation room.

Hydrocarbon reservoirs are modeled using advanced simulation technology.


Sadara joint venture formed

In November, we announce the official formation of the Sadara Chemical Company, a joint venture with The Dow Chemical Company. Once complete, the Sadara complex will be one of the world's largest integrated chemical facilities, and the largest ever built in one single phase.

"Desert Seas" film premiers

We team with award-winning filmmakers to showcase the wonders of the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. "Desert Seas," narrated by Sir David Attenborough, captures the Kingdom's unique marine ecosystem. A second film, "Seas of Change," documents our environmental stewardship. 

"Marine Atlas" covers Arabian Gulf

In cooperation with the Research Institute of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, we publish the "Marine Atlas of the Western Arabian Gulf." The atlas is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and is the result of almost 40 years of research and monitoring.

Saudi Aramco CEO Al-Falih and Dow CEO Liveris at the Sadara Joint Venture Shareholders' Agreement on Oct. 8.


YASREF formed

In January, we formed the Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) Limited, a joint venture with Sinopec of China to build a world-class, 400,000 barrels-per-day full-conversion refinery in Yanbu' on the Red Sea.

Karan Gas Program

Non-associated natural gas produced from our offshore Karan field has helped boost the Kingdom's gas production capacity by 18 percent. The project, completed ahead of schedule, reached its full production capacity of 1.8 billion cubic feet per day in time to meet peak summer demand.

Jazan Refinery & Terminal

In November, we signed contracts for the construction phase of this refinery, power plant and terminal project in Jazan, in the southwestern region of the Kingdom. The refinery, with a capacity to process 400,000 barrels per day, will anchor the Jazan Economic City.

The Karan field is our first offshore non-associated gas field.

Cultural Program

Our annual educational and cultural program attracted more than half a million visitors in Dhahran, Riyadh and Jiddah.


In November, we launched a program to deliver innovative math and science workshops to 2,000 students and 1,000 teachers across the Kingdom. The goal of the program is to reach 2 million Saudi youths by 2020.

Thousands of visitors enjoyed our Kingdom-wide Cultural Program.


Construction is completed in SATORP

The Saudi Aramco total refining and petrochemical company(SATORP), a joint venture with France’s Total, SATORP is a 400,000 bpd, conversion refinery, with integrated petrochemical production, converting Arabian Heavy crude oil into high quality products, including: gasoline, kerosene and diesel, as well as petrochemical products, such as benzene and propylene. The SATORP refinery is also the first producer of petroleum coke and paraxylene in the Kingdom.

Midyan project is launched in Tabuk

Saudi Aramco launched its first project in the Tabuk region in the Kingdom’s Northwest, where procurement and construction work for a gas plant in the Midyan gas field is underway. When the facility is fully operational, it will be capable of producing and processing 75 million scfd of nonassociated gas and 4,500 bpd of condensate.

Five new oil and gas fields were discovered

We added three new oil and two gas discoveries to our portfolio, this included Al-Haryd oilfields in the Red Sea, in addition to our previous gas find at Shaur, and in our core operational areas, we found oil in Duhul and Salsa, and discovered new conventional gas fields at Turayga, in the Rub’ Al-Khali and at Mihwaz in Central Saudi Arabia. These discoveries are integral to supporting our critical gas business, which is geared toward meeting the Kingdom’s domestic energy needs and powering industrial development.   

Manifa project is launched

The Manifa crude oil increment has been a monumental achievement in company history in terms of production, technology, and manpower. The project achieved 500,000 bpd capacity, and will have the capacity to produce 900,000 bpd of Arabian Heavy crude oil, 90 million scfd of gas, and 65,000 bpd of condensate. It will also deliver feedstock to Jubail and Yanbu’. The project consists of 41 kilometers of causeways, three kilometers of bridges, 27 drilling islands, 13 offshore platforms, 15 onshore drill sites, water supply wells, injection facilities, multiple pipelines, and a 420 MW heat and electricity plant.  

The SATORP a joint venture refinery is the first producer of petroleum coke and paraxylene in the Kingdom.


YASREF began commissioning

Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company refinery project(YASREF), a joint venture with China Sinopec, is a model of foreign direct investment in the Kingdom. The YASREF project involves the construction and operation of a 400,000 bpd integrated petroleum refinery in the Yanbu’ Industrial City, located on Saudi Arabia’s West coast, along the Red Sea. The refinery will process 100 percent Arabian Heavy crude oil and produce gasoline, high quality diesel, and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG), as well as byproduct sulfur and petroleum coke for export. YASREF include process units for the separation and conversion of feed crude oil into finished products, for utility and offsite systems to support the refinery operation, and for associated feed intermediate and product storage facilities.

Eight new oil and gas fields discovered

Our exploration program discovered eight new fields, Abu ali, Faras, Amjad, Badi, and Faris, two oil fields, Sadawi and Naga, and one oil and gas field, Qadqad. This brings our total number of discovered fields to 129.

Inauguration of Aramco’s largest out of Kingdom research center in Houston

Our Aramco Research Center in Houston focuses on upstream technologies for conventional and unconventional resources to support discovery and recovery goals. Specific areas of research include advanced seismic imaging, unconventional productivity enhancement, smart fluids to improve well productivity, nano-based polymers, surfactants, cement technologies related to drilling operations, quantitative geology, and advanced downhole sensors.

YASREF is a model of foriegn direct investment in the Kingdom.


Sadara commenced first production

Sadara is our joint venture with the Dow Chemicals company, it is the world’s largest chemical complex built in a single phase, ushers in a new era of economic diversification and growth for the Kingdom, bringing with it new products, new jobs, and new knowledge. Located in Jubail Industrial City on the Arabian Gulf Coast, Sadara will be the first chemicals complex in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to crack naptha, which will support the manufacturing of diverse products not previously produced in the Kingdom. The complex includes a mixed feed cracking unit, capable of processing 85 million scfd of ethane and 53000 bpd of naphtha as feedstock, to produce 3 million tons of performance plastics and high value chemicals per year.

Five new oil and gas fields

We discovered three oil fields in Faskar, offshore in the Arabian Gulf, and Janab, and Maqam, in the Rub’ al-Khali. We also discovered two nonassociated gas fields: Edmee, and Murooj in the Rub’ al-Khali.

The launching of the In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) Program

We launched our IKTVA program that is designed to double the percentage of locally produced energy related goods and services, contracted by Saudi Aramco, to 70% by 2021, driving investment, economic diversification, and job creation in the Kingdom.

Saudi Aramco pledged to reduce greenhouse gas intensity

In a historic move, we pledged, with other oil and gas climate initiative members, to take steps necessary to reduce greenhouse gas intensity in the global energy mix, further demonstrating our company’s commitments to energy efficiency, and reducing environmental impacts through technology solutions.   

Sadara: World's largest chemicals manufacturing facility built in a single phase.


In 2016, our IP strategy yielded significant results, we were awarded 175 patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and 285 new patent applications were filed.

We discovered two new oil fields, Jubah, 300 kilometers (km) north of Dammam, and Sahaban, 280 km south of Dammam, and one new gas field, Hadidah, 470 km south of Dammam.

Shaybah expansion

Our second 250,000 bpd expansion project at Shaybah, located in the Rub’ al-Khali or Empty Quarter, came onstream in 2016, raising its overall production capacity to 1 million barrels per day of Arabian Extra Light crude oil — double the facility’s original capacity.

We also inaugurated our 637- square kilometers wildlife sanctuary in Shaybah. The fenced sanctuary protects dozens of native plant and animal species, including reintroduced populations of Arabian oryx, Arabian sand gazelles, and ostriches.  

Development of TeraPOWERS

We achieved the industry’s first trillion-cell simulation and hydrocarbon migration algorithm, run on the latest evolution of our POWERS (parallel oil and water enhanced reservoir simulator) technology.

TeraPOWERS will make it possible to model the physics of hydrocarbon reservoirs from their original generation to their final production, from microscopic rock pore scale all the way to giant field and even basin scale.  

Introduced aramcoDURA® and Converge®

Our sales and marketing subsidiary, Aramco Trading Company (ATC), began volume exports of Group I base oil under the new brand name aramcoDURA®.

A highlight of 2016 was the acquisition of Novomer’s Converge® polypropylene carbonate polyols product line. The acquisition of the technology, driven by our integrated downstream expansion strategy, will enable the conversion of waste CO2 into cleaner, high-value materials with significant performance, cost, and carbon footprint improvements.