Agricultural Assistance Program achievement

Our Agricultural Assistance Program, in cooperation with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Agriculture and Water, helps farmers move broccoli and sugar beets from the experimental farm stage to the marketplace.

An Aramco specialist assists a local farmer.


Record shipments from Ras Tanura

Shipments of crude oil and petroleum products from Ras Tanura surpass a billion barrels per year for the first time.

First degrees from College of Petroleum and Minerals

After first admitting students in 1964, the first degrees from the College of Petroleum and Minerals are issued in 1971.

Computers are used for processing seismic data and payroll, among other tasks.


Fourth two-berth Sea Island comes into service

In December 1972, the fourth Sea Island is completed, adding two more berths for tankers.

Company surveys Arabian Gulf ecosystem

Following increased petroleum production, shipping and industrialization in the Gulf, the company begins a five-year survey of plant and animal life in the Gulf region. The results form a biological baseline against which future changes are measured.

Aramco's Mobile Oil Exhibit has its final tour

The company's Mobile Oil Exhibit has its final performance under canvas in the town of Makkah, after touring the country 50 times in 14 years and hosting some 1.5 million Saudi visitors.

Tankers take on crude oil at the Ras Tanura Sea Island Terminal, 1974.


Saudi government buys 25% interest in Aramco

The Saudi government buys a 25% participation interest in Aramco, increasing it to 60% the following year.

A cross section of the people of Aramco, photographed in Ras Tanura.


First Saudi vice president

In August 1974, Faysal M. Al-Bassam is named vice president of Public Affairs, the first Saudi to be appointed vice president.

Saudi government increases interest to 60%

The Saudi government increases its participation interest in Aramco to 60%.

Ju'aymah offshore terminal opens

The Ju'aymah Offshore Terminal, 24 km northwest of Ras Tanura, opens with two single point mooring systems (SPMs) in service with an initial loading capacity of 1 million barrels of crude oil per day.

The Ju'aymah offshore crude oil terminal.


Design begins on the Master Gas System

We are commissioned by the Saudi government to create Saudi Arabia's Master Gas System, a multi-billion dollar nationwide system designed to supply all the Kingdom's gas needs and fuel major export industries.

A component of the Abqaiq natural gas liquids plant is delivered by truck


First to produce more than 3 billion barrels of oil in a year

We become the only company to produce more than 3 billion barrels of oil in a year.

An aluminum products manufacturer in Dammam helps meet Aramco's growing need for materials.An aluminum products manufacturer in Dammam helps meet Aramco's growing need for materials.


Berri Gas Plant begins operations

On October 29, 1977, the first of the Master Gas System plants opens. Berri NGL Center supplies treated gases as fuel and chemical feedstock to the industrial complex at Jubail and natural gas liquids for export.

Aramco publishes results of environmental study

The results of the company's 5-year survey of plant and animal life in the Gulf region are published in Biotopes of the Western Arabian Gulf: Marine Life and Environments of Saudi Arabia. The volume includes a 65-page species list of animals and plants inhabiting the Gulf, more than half of which had never been reported there.

Workers are housed in floating hotels during the rapid expansion of operations in the mid-1970s.


Qurayyah seawater treatment plant completed

Qurayyah Seawater Treatment Plant, the world's largest, supplies 4.2 million bpd of treated seawater, replacing saline aquifer water for injection in the Ghawar field to maintain reservoir pressure.

The Qurayyah Seawater Treatment Plant.


Yanbu' Industrial City dedicated

Following a 1975 Royal Decree, the industrial city of Yanbu' is linked by pipeline to Aramco's Master Gas System for a ready and low-cost supply of fuel and feedstock.

Construction of the East-West NGL Pipeline, which links Shedgum Gas Plant to the Yanbu' Industrial City.