Our behavior is what defines us — as a company, as employees, and as people. We are dedicated to building and maintaining trusted relationships.

Our corporate governance structure defines our strategic direction and seeks to promote our industry leadership. It shapes who we are and how we are seen by the world — including by our customers, suppliers, and new and existing business partners. Our Board of Directors (the “Board”), which encompasses a wealth of diverse experience and a future-oriented mindset, sets standards for integrity and ethical behavior.

The Board oversees our regular reporting and independent auditing practices. The audit process, endorsed and monitored by the Board, is intended to ensure an independent, confidential, and robust review of company operations and provide a clear and transparent reporting channel from the auditors to the Board.

We employ a suite of policies, codes and guidelines to support and guide our employees as they navigate the complexities of our global operations. These policies are our compass, and the benchmark against which we measure our performance and that of our partners — contractors, consultants, suppliers, affiliates and joint ventures within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct and In-Kingdom Total Value Add program ensure our values and ethical standards are extended to, and maintained across, our supplier network, enabling long-term mutually beneficial partnerships that support the delivery of our commitments to our stakeholders.